Series: simple

CNC deep hole drilling for anyone

The compact machine for small and medium sized components.
A low-cost as well as powerful deep hole drilling machine for complete machining (deep drilling, sinking, drilling, thread, milling)

The simple Series features a very stable welding design, combined with high precision and stability during deep drilling - easy to use yet powerful. The pending processing tasks, such as cooling, oil or air bores, are carried out effectively and economically.

The cleverly conceived machine concept allows deep drilling, sinking, thread cutting as well as milling in a single clamping. Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC control.

Conclusion: Ideal for the application of small and medium components.

Features of the simple-Series

Machine Description

  • 4 CNC axes (X, Y, Z, W, B)
  • State-of-the-art digital control and drive technology
  • Integrated torque and feed control
  • Deep hole drilling drilling, drilling, sinking, threading and milling without retrofitting
  • 2-way support rests

Examples of Use

  • General threading and drilling with conventional tools
  • Deep-hole drilling operations with the use of single-lip drill bits, e.g. Cooling ducts, ejectors, oil and lubrication bores
  • General light to moderate milling operations, e.g. Circular and rectangular bags

Your Advantages

  • maximum economy 
    -> Very good value for money 
  • maximum security
    -> Particularly attractive guarantees 
  • minimum capital commitment 
    -> Clever financing concepts