TBFZ-G – Gantry Series

From professional for professionals!

Developed by mold builders, the requirements of practice 1: 1 have been incorporated into the design. The machine frame is designed in Durcrete® construction, a developed high-performance concrete, which has an extremely high stiffness under dynamic loads. In combination with the know-how in mechanical engineering and deep drilling technology, an excellent product has emerged for the practice.

The highlight of the BUCK UHLY machine concept, developed by a mold builder and made a high-performance product. The gantry construction in Durecrete design stands for maximum stiffness, long-term precision and thermal stability with low space requirements.

This leading construction allows the machine to be placed without a foundation. Equipped with state-of-the-art Heidenhain control and drive technology, the Gantry series enables highly effective and economical 4-side deep drilling and milling. Equipped with automation technology, savings of up to 60% can be achieved and the production time can be reduced by more than 30%.

Conclusion: Ideal for the application of medium and large, very complex components.
Practice-oriented design and thus ideal for use in tool and mold making./em>

TBFZ-G – Gantry Series


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Machine Description

  • Patented machine technology
  • Extremely high stiffness and best damping properties
  • High precision and long-term accuracy thanks to Gantry guidance system
  • Crane hook machine therefore no foundation necessary

  • Deep hole drilling, drilling, sinking, threading and milling without retooling
  • 2-way supporting rims
  • High pressure coolant system up to 100 bar
  • Extensive basic equipment (chip conveyor, etc)
  • Technical Specifications TBFZ-G Gantry

    Machine type TBFZ-G 1200 TBFZ-G 2000 TBFZ-G 3000
    Drilling diameter 3-32 mm in ELB/BTA 3-60 mm in ELB/BTA 3-60 mm in ELB/BTA
    Drilling depth in one stroke (mm)  1.000 with repositioning 1.500 1.500 with repositioning 1.900 2.000 with repositioning 2.500
    Tapping bis M24 – larger by millingbis M36 – larger by milling M36 - larger by milling
    Tool Changer 25/40/60-times 20/40/60/80-times 20/40/60/80/100-times
    Spindle taper SK 40/50 altv. HSK 63/100 SK 40/50 altv. HSK 63/100 SK 40/50 altv. HSK 63/100
    Drive power 10 kW / ED 100 24 kW / ED 100 24 kW / ED 100
    Travel distance X (longitudinal)1.200 mm 2.000 mm 3.000 mm
    Travel Y (vertical) 900 mm 1.200 mm 1.500 mm
    Table Load bis 10.000 kg up to 15.000 kg up to 30.000 kg
    Table Size 1.100 x 1.200 mm up to 1.500 x 1.800 m up to 2.300 x 2.700 m
    CNC roundtable CNC Axis 0-360° CNC Axis 0-360° CNC Axis 0-360°