BCM Galaxy

Suitable for medium / large size workpieces.

Designed for medium/large workpieces, this model comes as an evolution of our model Excel The movable- column concept allows to equip the machine with a rotary table having different size and loading capacity, according to customer specific needs
Tilting movement of drilling and milling group Milling ISO – HSK
Automatic tool changer with 20 tool positions Heidenhain and Fagor CNC available, very intuitive and easy to use
Safety during drilling and milling operations is granted by an integral protection coverage
Technical data:

Machine approx. Size
including machine housing
Strokes X-axis (longitudinal travel) mm
Y-axis (vertical travel) mm 1300
V-axis (free column) mm 650
Z-axis (slide) mm 450
W-axis (drilling depth) mm 1500
Axis feed rate mm/min 9000
Drilling unit Optimal drilling diameters mm 5 – 25 (30)
Gundrilling depth mm 1250/1500
High-pressure Bar 90
Max RPM RPM 7000
Drilling spindle motor power Kw FROM 9
Tilting degrees +20° / – 20°
Milling unit Spindle ISO – HSK
Milling spindle motor power Kw FROM 9
Motor spindle – range of power Kw up to 25
Tool changer Nr. tools FROM 30
Rotary Table (B-Axis) Size mm 1240 * 1500
Loading capacity ton 10 / 15 / 20
Filtration systems available Paper filter / centrifuge
CNC available Heidenhain / Fagor